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    zari commented  · 

    @Eventide Yikes !!! you thought you ate that ??? your transphobia is showing . You can state your opinion without trying to dehumanize a group that already faces systemic oppression.

    Trans ppl do deserve their own spaces and they have apps for that (Fiorry, Tinder, even Facebook Dating) However most trans women STARTED on grindr just like most gay men bc it was literally all we had!!!! Most of these new apps are just now converting to a more inclusive platform for trans people.

    Also you do understand that being trans is an identity not a sexual orientation.. Therefore intersectionality exists you can be trans and bi, trans and straight, trans and gay, ect so when you say “Gay as in homosexual male” it really doesnt give.

    “If you're a "trans man" you're not a man. You don't have a penis, testes, or anything that genetically makes you a man.”

    yeah its giving transphobia.. genes and chromosomes do determine sex however genitalia DOES NOT . intersex people (which may fall under the trans umbrella) can have both vagina and testes and be assigned male at birth . or they may have a penis and ovaries it can vary on a spectrum just like sexual orientation. Everything is not black and white. You sound like the people who say trans women arent real women bc they cant bleed and have kids but then that would mean women born without a uterus or have PCOS are “not real women” too ? right because genitalia does not determine sex or gender . literally chromosomes are the only thing that does . Ever heard that we all start off as female embryo then are sex determined 6 weeks after by just the switch of one gonad . Science is fun because its always changing.

    Anyway as i said before you can state your opinions without being transphobic. Which i know is tough because 99% of the world has internalized transphobia (including trans people) its just the way it is . Peace

    zari supported this idea  · 

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