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    Anonymous commented  · 

    Blocking is becoming a useful tool for those with malicious intent to destroy the evidence because when someone blocks you they block your messaging history and all the evidence they know it. Apart from anything else, your chat history is your property for you to keep or delete.

    One of two things needs to be changed. When someone you are speaking to is deletes, removed or blocks you, your common chat history is your property and it's deletion is akin to theft, no less so than stealing and destroying someones mail. However, this illegal practice helps the perpetrator thus as happened with me but with a twist.

    Over the last two weeks I have been chatted up by someone a lot younger with a faceless profile. eventually he sent his face and when I suggested he resend it with a pose he did so. It was genuine. Eventually we were chatting on Whatsapp and heading to meet. I told him I could not meet for a couple of days. .He then asked me very suddenly to meet instantly when during that period. He came over aggressively and told me he would block me if I did not. When someone threatens blocking I regard that as proof that they are not criminal etc. However I told him I could not for the next six hours and he told me if I did not meet him that day he would block me. A few hours later I realised I could meet him but I discovered he had blocked me on grindr. However, I was baffled to see he had not blocked me on Whatsapp. I messaged him six hour later to meet and he was really hassling me to hurry up to meet him. Something did not seem right. Why would he block me on Grindr but not Whatsapp? The only reason could be to delete his chat and photos from my chat there and I had a bad feeling. However, I had screenshot them. I called off thge meet I googled his phone number and tracked back to get a name from an item he put up for sale but essentially tried google image and got a hit. He had a criminal record for theft. Had I gone through with meeting he would have disposed of his phone number and be well clear.

    Can we therefore ensure that when those we chat to block up or delete their messages remain intact for a reasonable period.

    When blocking occurs

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