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Peter Nathaniel Phorenzskything

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    Peter Nathaniel Phorenzskything commented  · 

    mobile Security, identity verification, and tagged accounts for those who want discretion without any questions..... safety, full disclosure, and honesty being the forefront of Grindr's bold move to encourage the LGBTQIA+ to evolve past the "people as products" cultural appropriation throughout the's undermining the potential our community would have had, if the breeders had not encouraged all the sassafras from our least forgiving cultural nuance's slash Pageantry of proud, but grow up. It's time we taught the rest of humanity how the most rewarding lifelong characteristics of being human is the opportunity to rely upon, appreciate, grow, and nurture authentic relationships times there would have been nobody for this trap hag, burnt bish, dumpster fire..... unfortunately, she knows how cruel, cold, deceitful, predacious and opportunistically depraved our community of breast fed and hand coddled narcissistic nympho-socio-psycho-selfabsorbed content-obsessed human dignity consuming zombie privacy rapists we have all become on one level or another ...all of us (all people!!!)
    There's a devil of a sickness in the clueless beltching of social kindness and niceties... Behaving as a means towards using each other for the moment, fleeting and nonrenewable but the only dragon chased in life post initial virility....
    We could not survive without each and every one of each other ....ugh, tho irl, 💯 absolute detriment to the species survival should "them/me" vs "me/them" continue to set the path forward as we are currently throwing our lemming souls upon by billions daily. Unequivocally, disgustingly, and just fucked off of us to never humble ourselves in the presence of the miracle that having each other, even just that one living being, to connect with is not just a gift, no accident, not and never a slight blurp coincidence in the time space dimension continuum. These are destined for you, us and me and they/them..all lifeforms deserve our utmost consciousness and presence of THOUGHTFULLY/MINDFULLY due respect, love, and patience for the positive prospect of life eternal to actualize itself in the continued creation of what is meant for all ahead....if we don't, it could be the end of the equation, a deadlock in negation.

    Peter Nathaniel Phorenzskything supported this idea  · 

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