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    This is the best way I can describe it and it encompasses a few other suggestions that I've seen. You need to focus on filtering. Today's age we have a lot of people who are willing to meet and fuck anyone, but just as many who are highly selective. It's a person with borderline personality and Asperger's I am very particular. I want the ability to be off of people's radar who are not in my wheelhouse. I don't want people who appear older than me and I don't want anybody who I'm not attracted to in terms of ethnicity. And yet I am hammered by messages 90% of which I do not have any interest in speaking to but I cannot help but feel obligated to be polite and make sure that they all are aware that I'm just flat out not interested because I don't think it's right for a person to just immediately block or ignore messages. So I would like to see that happen because there's a lot of people that I've even messaged that have blocked me immediately. That doesn't really bode well for my mental health now I understand that I am very very unique and that's not necessarily a good thing but I would like to see these things implemented. Yeah it's going to cut down on a lot of traffic, but you'll also see a rise as well and your numbers of people using and purchasing the app will level out at what their true number should be. And it may be a little bit lower than you think at least in some areas but you would definitely gain a more consistent set of people eilling to pay. Recently I've gotten up to as much as 500 people checking out my profile. I saw that counter reach 500 I was maybe interested in 20..... MAYBE. We were particular are usually often particular to the nth degree. I myself require somebody within 3 years of older and also 21 at least, and at the very least I require that they are well groomed and don't look scraggly. So it would be nice to have something like an option for body hair and all the different variations, age should be absolutely a hard filter, as in nobody contacts you or you don't see anybody who is outside your range, the tribes that's just a joke. It can't be both ways when you're putting in tribes meaning if I put in gaymer that doesn't mean that I am a gaymer. If I put in trans as I am technically... Begrudgingly technically, then I don't want anybody who is just looking for trans to be able to find me. In other words have tribes be "your people" and an "interested in" subsection of tribes. Whether or not we click the box is on us, it's not on Grindr if you make it too specific because all we have to do is not click that box. So anybody who complains about that is just an idiot. "You're making it too specific" that's just dumb OR the sign of the people who are not really here to actually use your app for what it's for. To meet. And far too many fake people with the ability to not post a picture.
    Speaking of which I'll come to my final point you're pretty good at filtering naughty photos... Why? This is an 18 and over app, why not just give us the option to filter? Seems like it would make more sense if we were to have specific interests in this app therefore would attract specific people. I for instance am interested in hooking up only, I'm not attracted to guys I'm only attracted to their tools, therefore I don't want to have people engaging in conversation eventually asking for pictures that have no intention of meeting. Again this speaks to my mental illness but I don't care I want that ability to choose that. And I guarantee you would have a lot less feature requests a lot less support requests a lot less complaints and far far fewer indications of harassment because of the "sensitive" people or as I call them antagonists, that reside within the lgbtq community. Shit starters. So all that to say you need to give us the option to do our own filtering and give us specific filtering options. Now I know that's not hard not for somebody who writes apps. I'm sure any one of your people could do this in a day with one day of commitment. This isn't something that should take a few months this isn't something that should take a few weeks it should take days... Tops... Giggity. I've seen all these feature requests for a long time already. I don't want this sitting at the bottom of a list not getting touched. And I'm particular to this app specifically because I like to have limited means so I don't get thousands of messages instead. Capiche?

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