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Michael Scott

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    Michael Scott supported this idea  · 
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    Michael Scott commented  · 

    I just spent over 20 minutes writing out two notifications and both vanished after I did it it asked me for the verify my email as soon as I did that everything was gone.
    So I'm going to make this brief, I was on your site for a very long time if you look at my account you'll see that here in Michigan and in Florida.
    I just spent $2.99 for a 1 hour boost.
    But even with the boost I couldn't reply to people in my inbox or who tapped me so it was useless all I could do was see the people well if I can't respond to him or get a hold of him what's the good of that.
    You should let people know right up front before they spend money what the site doesn't doesn't do. Then you should also give something up front to make people want to pay the money on your site you make it very hard to get a hold of people that look at you or tap you almost every other one that makes you want to sign up and spend money. That's putting the cart in front of the horse I stopped using squirt because they're awful it's one of the worst websites I've ever seen but they do the same thing.
    You're asking people for money without providing a service up front to show value in spending the money.
    I had people tonight try to get a hold of me and I couldn't get back to them.
    So I believe signing up for the boost for the hour allow me to do that doesn't say it doesn't or wouldn't but it does not it's not a lot of money but I never use the feature I'd like the $2.99 credit to my account and I'll use it in the future.
    And show people what the site can do let them talk to people back and forth for a couple of days and then charge them money.
    By myself will never spend a dime on the site until things are corrected.
    I read a lot of the reviews and there are many many of them that are exactly the same as what I'm saying so I would think that you guys would take heed to your clients and try to improve the interactions between the clients and your website.

    I'm sure nothing will come of this but doesn't hurt to try.


    What's the old saying you can skin a sheep once or share it many many times. So obviously want people to be around for years keep spending the money so you can share them and not skin them up front to make sure they don't want to use your site or spend any money.


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