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    Hyde Mys commented  · 

    Travel Mode is mode that conveys the message to other users that a certain user is in motion. Travel Mode would be available from the Free Members and Up, as Safety should always be given and not be a privilege.

    Travel Mode will work similar to app pinning, but ensures the user can't easily finger their way at a short wait at the red spotlight.

    Simply, tap on Travel Mode in which a pop-up is asking you to confirm that you will be in motion and cannot pay full attention to any incoming messages. The app will then force you out the app. Unlike, being away for ten minutes, your profile will still be online for any potential matches to send a message. This way, your profile is allowed to can get the max taps as possible without babysitting your device.

    Users who are not in motion will see a certain profile picture with a bright orange transparent film, similar to the blue "recently chatted" profiles. This will indicate that the user is in motion. The Traveler will still receive messages from the stationary, however it is understood that they are performing a task thag requires full attention. This can provide a reason for a lack of communication and unnecessary blocks.

    To log back into the app, the user must set a 4 digit to complete the first task. There will be a stall time of 5 seconds. A pattern will be required for this gate. 3 seconds of stall will follow, with a simple swipe from the left side of the screen to right allows you to exit Travel Mode.

    There are some positives and negatives within this system.
    - Ensure the driver to pay attention to the road and not risk a potentially-dangerous accident due to a certain ping.
    - Provides more non-verbal communication
    - App Lockout will only apply to the app and not the others as Maps will be useful.
    - Stall System discourages users to pick up device at a traffic light and help the so the app to re-callibrate the user's position.

    - Lock System: Locking the app is an XTRA function I believe to prevent kids from seeing things. The Stall System will work the same, but be provided to everyone.
    - Updates about Hosting Conditions may change while the user is in motion.
    - Checking the target destination.

    Hyde Mys supported this idea  · 

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