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  1. Have a way to filter out bots solicitation and scams

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    Mark Schiffman commented  · 

    The email that I used with is

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    Mark Schiffman commented  · 

    It's possible that the first part of my message either didn't get sent or it got sent without the the ending part I'm so I'll start again. I have paid accounts both on Grindr and on on squirt every time I report a spammer they send me a message that they're going to tack on an extra free 5 days to my paid account before it renews each time I will send you an example of the most recent that they've done this way the members help monitor the site and keep it cleaner your site I must block at least 10 maybe 15 sometimes more spammers every day and you've never even acknowledged or thank me yet I've reported them to you every time I think that this would be a good incentive for people thank you I'm going to send you a copy of what they've done for me as a copy paste here

    As I began to describe which I realized now is the subject line my paid membership on the infrequent times that I experience a spammer sending me a message through their portals I report it to the management. Every time I've done that they automatically send me a message informing me that before my membership annual membership renews they will add an extra five free days for me being so considerate in helping them keeping their app running better and better for the other members. I experience spamming on Grindr probably at least 10 times a day it could be more than that and I blocked them and I report them every time but I've never once even received a compliment from the management at Grindr let alone any financial credits I think that that would be a good incentive for you to promote and and give to make your site better and and make people help you do that. That's just my opinion my name is Mark schiffman and I am have a paid membership on Grindr as well my email is

    here is a copy paste duplicate of what they sent to me recently on as a response from me reporting a spammer and this is what I'm giving you as an incentive and an example that you might want to consider for your app or on grindr.
    thank you

    my copied and pasted example as described:


    Thanks for your report!

    Sent: 5 days ago

    Hey CoyoteCapeCod,

    Thanks for reporting a violation of site guidelines. We believe in rewarding members who help keep safe and fair, so I have given you 5 day(s) Fan Club access.

    Thanks for your diligence and dedication in helping us maintain the site. Keep up the good work!

    For more information on what's allowed on the site, check out our posting guidelines.

    Keep Squirtin'

    Luv, Dick.

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