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  1. Have a way to filter out bots solicitation and scams

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    Michael Byrne commented  · 

    Ok so as a user now for many years I have in more recent times of using the app become more and more frustrated annoyed and in instances felt cheated and let down by Grindr.. I'll explain my reasoning to why I've been left with some negative and disappointing feelings by an app which I did and at times enjoy and like to use regularly daily,weekly and monthly.
    Throughout my experience as a user I have opted to have the optional subscription s offered my Grindr. In many cases this has been the Xtra subscription.
    I recently took ipbtge Xtra subscription on my account again and during the month where I was a Xtra subscription user I found areas which brought on the feelings of frustration, disappointment and dibal cheated and let down.
    1. Spam messages and fake profiles.
    As a user I have the choice to use the free service or I can pay a fee for a month subscription offering additional features and a more premium service which you would expect to receive when paying an additional fee.
    Now my experience during the upgraded Xtra subscription period I found that I was receiving endless messages from fake and blank profiles which are clearly spam and or fake messages and profile/account. Neatly 3 weeks into my Xtra subscription it became apparent that Grindr was lacklng in delivering a great user experience and instead were using it's users tand taking advantage by getting users to report these spam and fake messages/Profiles ending with users having to block that profile. Now blocking these profiles wasn't so much an issue for me as I had chosen to ingrate to the Xtra subscription however as my month came to an end and I have reverted back yo a free user I find the problem is infact worse as a free user as you only receive a limited number of blocking profiles whereas an Xtra user I have a higher limit ofthe amount of blocking profiles.
    As this seems to now be the way in which users are required to usehe supplication and in turn assist Gribdr in eliminating these spam profiles and messages doing the work in which Grindr should be doing, I have some ideas which would benefit both Grindrcand it's current existing users and also in increasing the number of users.
    Currently users can
    a) use the free service- More limited service
    b) pay a high premium and enter into a reoccurring monthly subscription - more expansive service which additional features.

    In order to promote and push Grindr into a more easily accessible and enjoyable application then the main thing to look at and trail or adjust eould ve these upgrades and subscription options
    Keep it simple and make it desirable and enjoyable.
    Rather than users having to enter into san on going paiment each month which nowadays most on working to or have a set budget each month it deters user away from the upgraded services as personal finance s and circumstances can occur and it can be seen to simply stay on the free service and not need to worry about an additional monthly bill .
    Now as an on going Xtra user I personally have found that I control my subscription monthly and cancel this and upgrade again as and when I can afford the additional fee. This also helps me control my fpersobal monthly inances and doesn't tie me into an on going plan.,this makes it feel like a contractual thing rather than a social application. It would be more appealing if the subscriptions were offered as a weekly upgrade at a lower more attractive price point rather than monthly upgrade at a bigger price point.
    I believe that Grindr would see a larger nunber of new user along with a hugger number of users upgrading and subscribing.

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